Is Your Roof as Sturdy as It Should Be?

Is Your Roof as Sturdy as It Should Be?

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Don't let ongoing wear and tear or storm damage get out of hand. When you need timely roof repair services at your home in the Houston, TX area, you can depend on the pros at Hallmark Services. We're highly trained to tackle even your toughest roofing troubles.

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5 signs you probably need to replace your roof

You should contact a roof replacement contractor right away if:

1. Your roof is starting to sag.
2. Your roof has large holes or cracks.
3. Your roof is growing moss, mold or fungus.
4. Your shingles are broken or curling.
5. Your ceiling has water damage.

Your roof will become less sturdy as it ages, so you should consider replacing it if it's more than 20 years old. Call 713-906-1120 today to schedule roof replacement services in the Houston, TX area.